CTKD, renamed Ekuity Capital, presents its new vision

The Tunisian-Kuwaiti Development Consortium (CTKD) announced, during a press conference held on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the change of its name and the adoption of a new identity.

The CTKD is now called “Ekuity Capital“. This change is part of the evolution of the consortium’s vision and investment strategy in Tunisia. In fact, the CTKD, the fruit of economic cooperation between the State of Kuwait and the Tunisian Republic since 1976, concentrated until recently the majority of its investments in the tourism sector.

In this context, Mr. Humoud J. Al-Falah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ekuity Capital, declared that it is time to adopt new ideas and invest in sectors other than tourism, a historic activity. of the institution. The objective, through this new positioning, is to strengthen the place of Ekuity Capital in Tunisia. Thus, its capital was increased in 2014 by 300 million Tunisian dinars. Ekuity Capital is considered the investment vehicle in Tunisia of the Kuwait Investment Authority, one of the oldest and largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. Ekuity Capital currently manages an investment portfolio of more than 500 million Tunisian dinars spread over more than 20 holdings. In its new strategy, Ekuity Capital aims to invest tickets ranging from 5 to 35 million Tunisian dinars to acquire minority stakes in companies with high development potential and in local or international expansion.

Ekuity Capital invests in various sectors and favors the following sectors: industry, agrifood, financial services, real estate, information technology and other services such as health, education, and distribution.