CTKD becomes Ekuity Capital

At a press conference held this morning, the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Development Consortium (CTKD) lifted the veil on its new positioning. The conference was an opportunity for the company to present its new strategy.

Established in Tunisia since 1976, the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Development Consortium announced today the change of its name. The company is now called Ekuity Capital. Through this change of identity, the company wants to reflect the evolution of its activities and the widening of its field of action, said Mohamed Elnemah, CEO of Ekuity Capital. Previously focused on tourism, Ekuity Capital now aims to invest in several sectors including industry, food, financial services, real estate, ICT, health and education.

The fact remains that the fund will be particularly interested in investments in ICT, agribusiness and financial services, said Alnemah. Questioned by The Manager, Humoud J. Al-Falah, President of Ekuity Capital, affirmed that the crisis which the tourism sector has known for a few years did not influence the decision of the fund since its investments in the sector have not not been impacted. “The aim is to diversify the fund’s portfolio to minimize risk and reach new sectors with high potential,” he said. And to add: “We continue to invest in the tourism sector”. The fund will invest around 80 million dinars throughout 2019 via tickets from 5 to 35 million dinars to acquire minority interests in companies with high development potential and expanding locally or internationally.

Recall that Ekuity Capital currently manages an investment portfolio of more than 500 million Tunisian dinars distributed among more than 20 holdings.