Ekuity Capital formerly known as the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Consortium of Development (CTKD), was established in 1976 as a joint venture between Kuwait Investment Authority (’’KIA’’) the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Kuwait, the Tunisian Government and the Tunisian private sector in order to promote the Tunisian hospitality and tourism sector.

Headquartered in Tunis, CTKD’s initial core business consisted of the management of the Abou Nawas Hotels. Launched in 1980, the hotel chain quickly grew to reach 18 hotel units and gained tremendous praise for its hotel management practices.


Understanding how a business responds to economic shifts is more important than ever in a time when global and national economies are witnessing drastic structural changes. We are living in a world with rapid change that requires us to be more skilled, more proactive and more open to new ideas while adhering to our values and not forgetting our identity and roots.

Ekuity Capital (formerly known as the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Consortium of Development – CTKD), one of Tunisia’s leading investment institutions, founded 43 years ago, operating initially in the tourism sector through its hotel chain Abou Nawas, has updated its strategy in response to the changing economic climate in Tunisia.


Corporate governance is at the heart of Ekuity Capital’s business performance and long-term profitability.

To ensure a high standard corporate governance in line with international best practices and local regulatory requirements and to comply with Kuwaiti CMA requirements and OECD corporate governance principles, Ekuity Capital has adopted an integrated governance framework englobing a set of corporate governance structures, principles, policies and procedures.


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  • Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)
  • Office National Du Tourisme Tunisien (ONTT)
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