A page is turned in Kuwaiti investments in Tunisia. A new strategy, a new identity. Long a financial locomotive with a golden coat of arms, within particular the former hotel chain Abou Nawas, in flag bearer, for 42 years (1976), the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Development Consortium (CTKD) has deployed a new strategic vision of investment and catches of participation. Suddenly, he repositioned himself on his core business and took the name of Ekuity Capital.

The new entity maintains the same capital architecture and the same management. A subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), it maintains the chairmanship of its board of directors, Hamoud Al-Falah and the head of its general management, M’med Al Alema. Its capital was increased by 300 million Tunisian dinars in 2014 and its investment portfolio increased to more than 500 million dinars in twenty Tunisian companies. Its shareholdings relate in particular to industry, the food industry, financial services, real estate and ICTs, as well as health, education, and distribution.

Ekuity Capital is now targeting investment tickets ranging from 5 to 35 million dinars in minority stakes in companies with high development potential and expanding both in Tunisia and abroad.